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  • Collection: UC History 1891-1916 (25 years)

Students study at tables in front of bookshelves. A bust and 3 stuffed birds sit on top of the shelves in this 5" x 7" black and white photograph taken in the college's original library.

A group of girls pose for a picture in front of Union College's South Hall in this 5.25" by 8" black and white photograph.


Three students work at easels in the Union College art room in the oeriginal College Building in this 5" x 7" black and white photograph.

This black and white 5" x 7" photograph shows a corner of the Union College Museum once located in the west end of the basement in the original College Building. The collections were dispersed in 1946, the Birds now reside in the Division of Science…

A group of students pose in front of the College Building with books in their arms or hands in this 5.25" by 8" black and white photograph. Young newly planted trees are visible behind the people and in front of the building. This is likely for a…

Looking southeast, a street car is at the intersection of 48th St. (College Ave) & Stockwell. Union College administration building and South Hall are visible on the hill.
Streetcars ran between Lincoln and College View from August 1891 until…

A crowd gathered around a small pond while Elder Lewis Asariah Hoops baptizes Mrs. Larkins in the Salt Crick.
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