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  • Collection: UC History 1966-1991 (100 Years)


This 5" x 7" black and white photograph shows an aerial view of Union College as it appeared in the 1980s. The photograph was taken from the northwest corner of campus looking toward the southeast.

A 3"X5" color photograph of the atrium construction site. The atrium was built to connect two industrial buildings in preparation for the library and student center construction in the 1980s.

While in flight Allen Segebartt, #10 of Lang Unruh's team, fires the ball towards the net. Photo taken during a Basketball game in the Thunderdome

Black and white 5" x 7" image of a group of College View Printers staff standing in front of the Don Love Building. A sign hangs above them which reads "College View Printers."

Black and white 5" x 7" photograph of a portion of the Don Love Building. Originally built and expanded over the years as an industrial complex where furniture and brooms were manufactured, it is now home many campus support and academic services…

Dr. Dick converses with his son, Arthur, on the Union College Cornerstone Bench. Constructed from bricks and stone salvaged from the old College Building. The bench preserves the Original 1891 cornerstone.

The entryway of the Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library in the 1980s. The circulation desk can be seen at the right with a patron using the counter to write a note. Card catalogs and stacks of books in the background.

A view of the staircase in the Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial library. The picture is taken on the top floor of the library from the east side facing west. Numerous book stacks are in the background.

A 3"X5" photograph of Everett Dick stands at a podium, positioned in front of the Heritage Room, during the 95th Library Anniversary.

Jerry Patton leads the Golden Chords Chorale in this 8" x 10" black and white photograph.
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