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Dr. Rene Evard and Lee Allen attend Student Council in this 3" X 5" black and white photograph published in the 1967 Golden Cords annual.


This 5" x 7" black and white photograph depicts a full congregation in the old College View Church. Built in 1894, the building was replaced by a new church building in the late 1970s.


In this 5" x 7" black and white photograph two couples and another young lady walk away from Rees Hall on an apparently mild day. The tree limbs are bare and there is no snow on the ground. The women wear winter coats, but the men appear…

While in flight Allen Segebartt, #10 of Lang Unruh's team, fires the ball towards the net. Photo taken during a Basketball game in the Thunderdome

Portrait of William Rankin. Professor at Union College from 1961-1978
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